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Cable & Satellite Mediacast 2003: part 1

First part of the Sergei Ogurtsov's reportage from the exhibition.

Cable&Satellite Mediacast Show

London, May 2003

Other parts:


First, I have to warn you that I am writing a report only about the consumer equipment: receivers, dishes, LNBFs. All about the equipment that we are interested to know about. If you want to know about corporate merges, shares sold, pay-tv operators, etc - it is better to subscribe to Cable & Satellite International. J

Secondly, this Introduction section is just ┼ an intro, really! For hot news - go to the end of Day One section, as soon as it is online. (In the beginning of it I will traditionally write about the road to Excel, etc.)

Actually, I have already written few reports from different satellites and consumer electronics exhibitions from around the world (London, Dubai, Seoul, Moscow) - I used to write them in Russian, my native language. Now I am doing it in English. It is an international language, so it is a good chance to serve those who are interested in Satellite Industry from around the world. Anyway , at SATMANIA.COM site (the official site of these reports) the vast majority of the readers can understand English. A new challenge for me, and sorry for any mistakes.

This, 2003, Show was destined to be different than before. Because of market situation, war at the Persian Gulf (we don't need to underestimate the Middle East market), and because of the SARS decease┼ I am deep in the satellite industry, being the President of the SAT.COM.RU company, and I am very well known by the companies producing the set-top boxes. By my evaluation, I know most (if not all) of the companies producing receivers in Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Europe. And I am well known by them. Being a fan of my work, and satellite amateur, I have tested more than a hundred of receivers, personally. That is to say, I am deeply inside the industry, and I have all the info. I can't disclose all of it, but I will try my best to make reports interesting.

This year, I have received E-mails from many Asian suppliers with information that they are not going to come to the Show. They have canceled few weeks ago, being afraid that they will be held right in London Heathrow terminal for quarantine, upon arrival. Alternatively, some of the companies from Taiwan/China have opened their stands, and hired Taiwanese/Chinese students studying in London. So, it is possible to see some of the equipment, take away the leaflets, but there's nobody to talk about the prices or sign a contract, no technical department people.

Also, I am coming to this Show with real intention to get back my money from the AMT company (, that holds my payment for 100 pcs of receivers, but refuses to send a shipment, since last August. I will let you know about the development of the situation.

Anyway, I expect the Show to be smaller than last year. The Satellite Equipment Industry is down now, since 2002. Sales are low, and only bigger players are able to take part, or those who are desperately eager to grow up. Besides, as I have predicted 4 years ago, most of the European companies are not having a good time. It isn't a piece of cake to compete with Asian production and Research & Development.

Anyway, we'll see.

Please, proceed to the Show: Day One

Sergei Ogourtsov, SAT.COM.RU

Posted by: Zuhos

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