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TFCopy - a free program to transfer TF4000 files to PC

Now all owners of TF4000 PVR have a free alternative to DVRTopA


(C) 2003 Ismail (Pishig) Asadov [ismail(at)]
Inspired by tfget of Petr Novak [topfield(at)]

About TFCopy

In fact, there was alternative for a long time - the TFGET program, written by Czech satellite guru Petr Novak (PeN). Unfortunately the program isn"t supported now, and have some problems with recent firmwares.

TFCopy is a free window-based utility which allows to read files from Topfield"s HDD and save them on the PC"s hard disk, in RAW or TTS format.


Anyone wanna write one? ;)

Official support forum (more precisely, a support thread ;) is here. Please leave your comments and ask questions here (Only English and Russian please, we don't speak German)


Version 1.1 - 7-Oct-2003 - Bugs fixed.
Version 1.0 - 26-Sep-2003 - First Version.

Posted by: Zuhos

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