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About Us

SATMANIA is an original project, which main goal is to help people to choose right satellite TV and radio channels. In contrast to other similar online systems, it has the following unique featues:

  • The most operative SAT DX (Satchannels technical parameters) information in the Net. - Our robots automatically scan all satellite channels and continuously correct our satellite database. Also they automatically publish our transponder news. So, our database contains only the most adequate and operative technical information about channels, at least we made all efforts to achieve.
  • "Smart" coverage maps We've spent considerable time and efforts to develop and provide our unique satellite coverage zone calculation system. Now every registered customer can get an answer to the most-frequently asked question - "Which channels I can receive at my particular location and to my particular dish?". Our system automatically calculates the dish size, azimuth and elevation angle required to receive a channel at your location. It's simple - just log in and search or browse our channel database!
  • Largest TV program guide Don't trust marketing blah-blah-blah about channel genre direction! Now you can compare the real program guide for different packages and channels in one place. Our site contains program guide and broadcasting schedule for more than 1000 channels, and for 400 of them a schedule is available.
  • Search capability We offer a powerful channel and tv program guide search system. You can search channels and programs on encoding, language, package, channel name and numerous other parameters.
  • Program Hunting - From now, you'll never miss your favorite star or movie on TV! Just add a film, actor or director name to your personal TV Guide search strings and you'll receive an automatic notification message every time our system finds suitable program in the broadcasting schedule.


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