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Copyright notice and disclaimer

Copyright notice

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If you are feeling that something that is published here is the violation of someone's rights, please call us, and we'll manage this.

Terms of use

Information is provided here only for online individual viewing using Internet browsing programs such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and others. We do not allow offline mass-download programs such as ReGet, WebCopier, Teleport Pro, or any other automated download program. Such downloads costs us money (as we pay for traffic), slow down our servers, and deny other users to quickly find information they want. If you want the information that is published here, please contact us.


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Privacy statement

Please note that our site uses cookies to provide site customization features. Using cookies may be illegal in your country, in this case please leave our site.
We collect the following information about our registered customers:
  • Login name, password and e-mail address
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  • Personal information such as first and last name if customer wants to provide us with them
  • Country, province (state) and city - to calculate list of channels available to the customers
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  • You can delete and change your personal information and preferences at any time.
  • We can completely remove all customer-related information upon request. Please contact us if you want this to be done.
We don't ask and don't collect the following information due to the privacy reasons:
  • Contact infomation other than e-mail
  • Customer address and zipcode
  • Personal information other than first and last name.
  • Credit card numbers or any other financial information. In the case of any trade relations with our customers they will be contacted directly

We are using this information only to provide customers with the customized version of our site, such as tracking news and articles appeared since previous login, calculation of the channels visible to the customer etc. We don't and will not sell, rent, or otherwise provide any information about our customers to the third parties except official authorities under law enforcement actions.

No-spam statement

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If you do not accept our disclaimer or privacy policy, please don't use our site.

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