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Links (Seсtions)

  • Satellite Shops (2) Satellite equipment shops and installer companies worldwide. Online equipment shops

  • Video/DVD Shops (4) Where to buy movies? Video/DVD shops in various countries. Online DVD/Video shops.

  • Standards & Specs (4) Digital TV and audio standards. DVB, DiSEQc, S/PDIF etc.

  • Topfield Receivers (3) Sites concerned to Topfield receivers, mostly to the PVR models.

  • Satellite Forums (1) Various forums on satellite tv, dvb, satellite internet etc.

  • Satellite TV Media (7) Various information on Satellite TV. News sites, satellite charts, satellite magazines.

  • Useful Downloads (4) Receiver manual, software and firmware downloads. See also DVB PCI links page.

  • For Satellite Webmasters (2) Resources useful for webmasters, especially in satellite TV area.

  • FAQ (5) Frequently asked questions on satellite television.

  • Equipment Manufacturers (14) Receiver, dish, head manufacturers. See also links from product pages in our catalog

  • Watching DVB on PC (12) A lot of programs for watching and recording DVB on the PC. (Most are for SkyStar1 PCI cards and clones - Siemens, Galaxis, Happauge and others)

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