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A lot of programs for watching and recording DVB on the PC. (Most are for SkyStar1 PCI cards and clones - Siemens, Galaxis, Happauge and others)

  • FreeDVB A free program for SkyStar1 (and similars). Has look and feel very similar to the well-known WinDVBLive.

  • DVBTV Yet another programm for SkyStar1, with advanced favorite subsystem. Can show both DVB and Canal+ EPG. Requires latest technotrend's software (2.08)

  • DVB-S TV-Applikation Another program for DVB-S cards (SkyStar1 and clones) for Windows. Main features includes EPG, recording, teletext, OSD and more.

  • PVACut Excellent (and free!) program for cutting PVA files. Requires also DVD2AVI_PVAView viewer program. "A must" for every DVB PCI card owner.

  • Michael Ring tools DVB2AVI_PVA Viewer (viewing PVA files without DVB card), DVB Recorder (Alternative recorder), DVB Arciver (splitting PVA files and writing them to CD-R's)

  • Offeryn: DVB tools PVAInstrumento (Converts PVA files produced by most DVB cards into conventional MPEG2), and other utilities

  • DVBcontrol Free alternative soft for Siemens DVB-S PCI based tuners.

  • WatchTVPro Free alternative soft for Siemens DVB-S PCI based tuners.

  • ODSoft Multimedia WinDVBLive2000, the famous shareware program for watching/recording DVB on PC

  • Small but very useful resource that contains links to everything needed to receive DVB-S on Linux box. Has FAQ section, and descriptions of many undocumented features of DVB-S cards such as S/PDIF and SCART ouputs

  • DVB driver for Linux. Supports Technotrend DVB card and its clones (SkyStar, Galaxis, Siemens DVB, etc.)

  • VDR VDR (Video Disk Recorder) - the best program for viewing and recording DVB programs. Works under Linux

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