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Package BelgaCom (13.0E)

If you are choosing a package, look at this package channel list. If you are tuning your receiver, look at the transponder list.

Channels: 37SearchChannel list
  16483   TV   2M Maroc   13.0E   BelgaCom     FTA   Maroc        
  17740   Radio   ALMAHABBA   13.0E   BelgaCom     FTA          
  17741   Radio   AMITIE 74   13.0E   BelgaCom     FTA          
  16484   TV   ARY DIGITAL   13.0E   BelgaCom     Irdeto2   India        
  19980     AllSat.Com   13.0E   BelgaCom     Irdeto2          
  19982     AllSatCom2   13.0E   BelgaCom     FTA          
  28960     Allsatcom4   13.0E   BelgaCom              
  29875   TV   Alpha ETC Punjabi   13.0E   BelgaCom     Irdeto2          
  18983   TV   B4U Movies   13.0E   BelgaCom     Irdeto2   India     Indian movie channel. Multiple digital packages include this hindi channel.    
  28879   Radio   DENGE MEZOPOTAMIA   13.0E   BelgaCom     FTA          
  28205     Eagle   13.0E   BelgaCom              
  16485   TV   EbS   13.0E   BelgaCom   Portuguese, Polish, Finnish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, original language, Danish, English, French, Greek, German, Italian, Spanish   FTA          
  25509   Radio   Eviva Radio   13.0E   BelgaCom           Extreme sports is extreme sports only channel. Here you can see snowboard and kite-surfing, skate-board and mountain bike, sky-diving and base-jumping, surfing and wakeboard, and many many others. Lot of adrenaline is ready for you.    
  17794   Radio   FAMILY Radio   13.0E   BelgaCom     FTA          
  17800   Radio   Framboise   13.0E   BelgaCom     Irdeto2          
  24301     HDT Download   13.0E   BelgaCom              
  26378     HUMAX DOWNLOAD SVC   13.0E   BelgaCom     PowerVU          
  17814   Radio   INT1 FAMILY RADIO   13.0E   BelgaCom     FTA          
  17815   Radio   INT2 FAMILY RADIO   13.0E   BelgaCom     FTA          
  26865     Jupisat   13.0E   BelgaCom              
  27074     Kaon OTA   13.0E   BelgaCom              
  16486   TV   13.0E   BelgaCom   German   FTA          
  31043     Manhattan   13.0E   BelgaCom              
  20528     Nokia SSU 210   13.0E   BelgaCom              
  20529     Nokia SSU 260   13.0E   BelgaCom              
  20527     Nokia SSU 9902   13.0E   BelgaCom              
  17884   Radio   RADIO 74   13.0E   BelgaCom     FTA          
  17912   Radio   RVi 1 (VRT)   13.0E   BelgaCom     FTA          
  17913   Radio   RVi 2 (VRT )   13.0E   BelgaCom     FTA          
  17882   Radio   Radio 2M Maroc   13.0E   BelgaCom     FTA          
  25321   TV   TEST PATTERN   13.0E   BelgaCom   English, French   FTA          
  17940   Radio   TOP TWO   13.0E   BelgaCom     FTA          
  16487   TV   Xstream   13.0E   BelgaCom     FTA, Irdeto2          
  16481   TV   Zee Cinema   13.0E   BelgaCom     Irdeto2          
  16482   TV   Zee TV   13.0E   BelgaCom     Irdeto2   India        
  16480   TV   metv   13.0E   BelgaCom   Portuguese, Finnish, Polish, Swedish, Czech, Dutch, original language, Danish, English, French, Greek, German, Italian, Spanish   FTA          
  27005   Radio   test XTS   13.0E   BelgaCom              

Click on Frequency to see detailed channel list and transponder coverage map, or choose a channel
12476   H   +   3/4   27500   Hot Bird 3   TOP TWO, AllSat.Com, EbS, FAMILY Radio, TEST PATTERN, Zee TV, Zee Cinema, Eviva Radio, Kaon OTA, Jupisat, Nokia SSU 9902, Xstream, RVi 2 (VRT ), INT1 FAMILY RADIO, Framboise, ALMAHABBA, RADIO 74, HUMAX DOWNLOAD SVC, HDT Download, Alpha ETC Punjabi, test XTS, DENGE MEZOPOTAMIA, Nokia SSU 210, 2M Maroc, Radio 2M Maroc, Eagle, RVi 1 (VRT), ARY DIGITAL, AllSatCom2, Allsatcom4, Manhattan, Nokia SSU 260, AMITIE 74, INT2 FAMILY RADIO, metv, B4U Movies,  
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