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Package RTL (Hotbird) (13.0E)

If you are choosing a package, look at this package channel list. If you are tuning your receiver, look at the transponder list.

Channels: 12SearchChannel list
  17746   Radio   Big FM   13.0E   RTL (Hotbird)   German   FTA          
  16727   TV   CNN   13.0E   RTL (Hotbird)     Cryptoworks   USA        
  19838   Radio   EVENT   13.0E   RTL (Hotbird)           Extreme sports is extreme sports only channel. Here you can see snowboard and kite-surfing, skate-board and mountain bike, sky-diving and base-jumping, surfing and wakeboard, and many many others. Lot of adrenaline is ready for you.    
  17845   Radio   EVENT2   13.0E   RTL (Hotbird)   German   FTA          
  17793   Radio   F.A.Z. 93.6 Berlin   13.0E   RTL (Hotbird)   German   FTA       Film channel.    
  16729   TV   NBC   13.0E   RTL (Hotbird)     FTA   Europe        
  16731   TV   RTL CH   13.0E   RTL (Hotbird)   German   FTA   Germany        
  17911   TV   RTL Television   13.0E   RTL (Hotbird)     FTA   Germany        
  16730   TV   RTL2 AUSTRIA   13.0E   RTL (Hotbird)   German   FTA   Germany        
  16728   TV   Testkanal   13.0E   RTL (Hotbird)     FTA          
  16732   TV   VOX CH   13.0E   RTL (Hotbird)   German   FTA   Germany        
  16733   TV   ZDF   13.0E   RTL (Hotbird)     FTA   Germany        

Click on Frequency to see detailed channel list and transponder coverage map, or choose a channel
11054   H   +   5/6   27500   Hot Bird 6   RTL Television, EVENT, EVENT2, VOX CH, Big FM, CNN, F.A.Z. 93.6 Berlin, ZDF, RTL2 AUSTRIA, RTL CH, NBC, Testkanal  
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