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Package UPC TV (15.0W)

If you are choosing a package, look at this package channel list. If you are tuning your receiver, look at the transponder list.

Channels: 15SearchChannel list
  26979   TV   Club / Irisz   15.0W   UPC TV     Cryptoworks          
  24353   TV   Club CE   15.0W   UPC TV   Polish, Romanian   Cryptoworks          
  24351   TV   Club Europe   15.0W   UPC TV   Polish, Swedish, Czech, Dutch, French, German   Viaccess 1, Cryptoworks          
  24350   TV   Extreme Sports   15.0W   UPC TV   Polish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, Russian, French, German, Turkish, Arabic   Viaccess 1, Cryptoworks       Extreme sports is extreme sports only channel. Here you can see snowboard and kite-surfing, skate-board and mountain bike, sky-diving and base-jumping, surfing and wakeboard, and many many others. Lot of adrenaline is ready for you.    
  25661   TV   Eye on UPC   15.0W   UPC TV   Polish, English   Cryptoworks          
  26412   TV   Interactive   15.0W   UPC TV   English   Cryptoworks          
  24369   TV   NVOD Data   15.0W   UPC TV   English   FTA, Cryptoworks          
  24348   TV   Nat Geo Poland   15.0W   UPC TV   Polish, Swedish, Dutch, English, French, Russian, Greek, German, Turkish   Cryptoworks          
  24352   TV   Nat Geo RUM   15.0W   UPC TV   Polish, English, Romanian   Cryptoworks          
  24354   TV   Nat Geo Scandinavia   15.0W   UPC TV   Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, English, French, Russian, German, Turkish   Cryptoworks          
  26680   TV   Playboy TV NL   15.0W   UPC TV   Polish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, German, Bulgarian   Cryptoworks          
  24349   TV   Reality TV   15.0W   UPC TV   Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Czech, Dutch, Danish, English, Russian, French, Greek, German, Turkish, Arabic   Cryptoworks          
  24355   TV   Reality TV CE   15.0W   UPC TV   Polish, English, Farsi, French, Greek, German, Turkish   Cryptoworks          
  26155   TV   Super-1   15.0W   UPC TV   Polish, English, Romanian, Bulgarian   Cryptoworks          
  24368   TV   UPCtv Extreme UK   15.0W   UPC TV   English   Cryptoworks          

Click on Frequency to see detailed channel list and transponder coverage map, or choose a channel
11060   H   +     18386   Telstar 12   UPCtv Extreme UK, NVOD Data  
11124   H   +     18386   Telstar 12   Extreme Sports, Club Europe, Nat Geo Poland, Reality TV, Playboy TV NL  
11151   H   +   3/4   18386   Telstar 12   Eye on UPC, Club CE, Reality TV CE, Interactive, Nat Geo Scandinavia, Super-1, Nat Geo RUM, Club / Irisz  
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