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Package Telenor (Slovakia) (1.0W)

If you are choosing a package, look at this package channel list. If you are tuning your receiver, look at the transponder list.

Channels:7SearchChannel list
17373 Data 1.0W Telenor (Slovakia) Slovak Conax
17375 Data 1.0W Telenor (Slovakia) Slovak FTA
17374 TV JOJ 1.0W Telenor (Slovakia) Slovak Conax
25636 TV MusicBox 1.0W Telenor (Slovakia) Bulgarian FTA
17541 Radio SRo 1 1.0W Telenor (Slovakia) FTA
17542 Radio SRo 2 Devin 1.0W Telenor (Slovakia) FTA
17376 TV TA3 1.0W Telenor (Slovakia) Slovak FTA

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11540 V + 3/4 26000 Intelsat 707 , SRo 1, , TA3, JOJ, SRo 2 Devin, MusicBox
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