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Package Telenor (1.0W)

If you are choosing a package, look at this package channel list. If you are tuning your receiver, look at the transponder list.

Channels: 15SearchChannel list
  31620   TV   BTV-1   1.0W   Telenor   English   Conax          
  23616   TV   DTV2 (Cable)   1.0W   Telenor   Danish   Conax          
  31535   TV   FSB   1.0W   Telenor   Swedish   Conax          
  23615   TV   Gospel Channel Europe   1.0W   Telenor     FTA          
  38659   Data   Heartbeat   1.0W   Telenor              
  31621   TV   On Satellite   1.0W   Telenor   English   Conax          
  23610   Data   PRN Test   1.0W   Telenor   Norwegian, Swedish, Danish            
  38190   Data   Pelit ja leffat   1.0W   Telenor     FTA          
  23619   Data   ST Test   1.0W   Telenor   Norwegian, Swedish   Conax          
  30060   Data   STB Bang-Olufsen   1.0W   Telenor   Norwegian   FTA          
  38191   Data   Spel och film   1.0W   Telenor     FTA          
  38189   Data   Spil og film   1.0W   Telenor     FTA          
  23609   Data   Spill og film   1.0W   Telenor     FTA          
  29810   TV   Visjon Norge   1.0W   Telenor   Norwegian   FTA          
  25302   Data   Zonavi 1   1.0W   Telenor   Swedish   FTA          

Click on Frequency to see detailed channel list and transponder coverage map, or choose a channel
11247   V   +   7/8   24500   Thor 2   Spel och film, Zonavi 1, STB Bang-Olufsen, Visjon Norge, PRN Test, DTV2 (Cable), ST Test, Gospel Channel Europe, Spill og film, Heartbeat, BTV-1, On Satellite, Spil og film, Pelit ja leffat, FSB  
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