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Satellite Astra 2B (28.2E)

Here you can see satellite technical parameters, and this satellite' transponder list.

Click on Frequency to see detailed channel list and transponder coverage map, or choose a channel
11992   H   +     27500   Astra 2B   UKTV Gold +1, UKTV Style +1, UKTV G2+1, UKTV Docs+1~, 6103, UKTV Docs+1, UKTV People, 7606, 7616, 7360, UKTV H'tory+1, 7611, 7601  
12012   V   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   TPA1, GMS3, COOK4, SBCF, CGUI4, DIRT4, OZPW4, TPA3, GMS4, GS16, WIAD, FCAL, GMS2, GMS6, WAPB, GMS1, SKYD4, GS15, CASV4, WML3, CNG1SA, VODA, WAPT4, GMS5, CNG2SA, WML2, GMS7, GS14, CNG3SA, WIMD4, GS22, MDWN1, MDWN2, WML4, GS20  
12032   H   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   Ideal World, ITV News,, B4U Music, QVC, Q_I, Q_I dir, QVC, QVC Barker, Q_I, QVC TSVNOW  
12071   H   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   Fancy a Flutter, LBGD, FOX News, SBGG, Magic, Smash Hits!, Kerrang!, Animal Plnt+, At The Races, ISUB, atr508d, DCS24, LBGM, FMLY4, LBDG4, SIND4, RUSS, LWBD, STDO, PLIN4  
12090   V   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   DCS8, Sky Box Office, Sky Movies 7, IEPG data 8, Sky Cinema 1, Sky Cinema 2, Sky Movies 9, Sky Box Office  
12110   H   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   SP1, SBL Test, Sky Sports 1, FX, SBL, SP3, Sky Spts1 test, Spts Uefa, SP1, SP3, cet, Cartoon Nwk+, DCS2, Sky Sports 3, Sky Sports 2  
12188   H   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   New Country, Blues, 1950, Old Gold (50s & 60s), Benelux Hits, Chansons, History, History +1 hour, Paramount, Biography, Music Choice, Music Choice, Classical Adventures, Films & Shows, Hip Hop / R&B, Latin, Jazz, Hard Rock, Modern Jazz, Dance, Opera & Vocal Works, Soft Rock, Hit List, Baroque & Early Music, Alternative Rock, Spirit of Ireland, Bella Italia, Reggae, Easy Listening, Schlager, Special Event, Orchestral Works, TBC, French Hits, New Age/Moods, Nordic Hits, Country, Classic Rock, German Hits, Classical Favourites, Love Songs, Gold (70s & 80s), Dance Underground, Arabe, Soul Classics, Türk Müzigi, THC, World Music, Chill Out  
12207   V   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   Sky News, Sky News, Sky News Eire (Cable), Sky News, Sky News UK (Cable)  
12266   H   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   Sky Box Office, 4301, Premiership +, Sky Sports 2, Fox Kids, Fox Kids+, SP2, SP2, SkyVenue, MMS 7  
12285   V   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   Sky Box Office, Cartoon Nwk+, Sky One, Sky Box Office, S1T  
12305   H   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   SkyTravelShop, five TT, Pub Channel, Sky Travel Test, Sky Travel X Test, five, Sky Vegas Live, E!, five TT2, Sky Sports 2, five TT3, 1430  
12324   V   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   Capital FM, Century Radio, Sunrise Radio, talkSPORT, The Mix, The Saint, The Storm, The Villan, Big Blue, Capital Gold, jazz fm, MUTV, Boomerang, Real Radio, LBC 97.3, CNBC, PremPlus, XFM, Yarr Radio, Heart, Choice FM, Virgin Radio, Galaxy FM, Core, Classic FM, Classic Gold, snr3, Oneword, Arrow-Rock, CapitalDisney, Premier, PrimeTime, Adventure One, Planet Rock, Costcutter, 5719  
12344   H   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   Club Asia, FO2, 8666, Easy Radio, Gaydar Radio, WRN Europe, SBN, Sukh Sagar, Solar Radio, CrossRhythm, EWTN, Family Radio, Factory Outlet, TV Warehouse, Liberty Radio, RTE Europe, UCB Talk, Vector 24/7, FCUK FM, JML Direct, Asian Gold, Akash Radio, Shop America, Reality TV, UCB Bible, Shop Smart, UCB Europe, Record TV, Panjab Radio, UCB Insp, TV SHOP, Game Network, YES, FamI2, Reality TV., FamI1  
12363   V   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   Sky Box Office, Nick Replay, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Nicktoons, STAR News, STAR Plus, Sky Box Office, Nick Jr Test, Nick Test  
12383   H   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   1871, KISS, CommunityChnl, Q, The Box, Chl Line-up, Sky Welcome, Sky Box Office, Sky Box Office  
12402   V   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   Easy Radio, EWTN, UCB Talk, FCUK FM, Asian Gold, JML Direct, Akash Radio, TV SHOP, Solar Radio, UCB Bible, Deal of the Day, Family Radio, UCB Europe, UCB Insp, 9567, Panjab Radio, YES, Liberty Radio, Game Network, Shop Smart, Snatch It, Reality TV, The Mix, The Storm, Core, Classic Gold, Planet Rock, Classic FM, 52006, 9536, Reality TV., FamI1, FamI2, Sth African TV, Record TV, Gaydar Radio, TV Warehouse, Vector 24/7, Sukh Sagar  
12441   V   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   BBC R2, BBC R4 FM, STREAM-0, STREAM-1, STREAM-2, STREAM-6, DEV-STRM-4, DEV-STRM-5, DEV-STRM-6, DEV-STRM-0, DEV-STRM-1, STREAM-3, DEV-STRM-2, STREAM-4, DEV-STRM-3, STREAM-5  
12461   H   +   2/3   27500   Astra 2B   CAMLM, Sky Gamestar TEST, GMS2, GS13, Sky Active, TLM Portal Test, CAMLI, TPA2, PTES, SBSA, CMT2, WAP6, GS21, GS10, Sky Gamestar, WMLH, CAMT1  
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