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Package Telespazio (Amos) (4.0W)

If you are choosing a package, look at this package channel list. If you are tuning your receiver, look at the transponder list.

Channels: 17SearchChannel list
  29815   TV   Cherry Music (24)   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)     FTA          
  20187   TV   Cherry Music/a+   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)   Bulgarian   SECA/Mediaguard 1          
  20190   TV   Filmmuzeum   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)     SECA/Mediaguard 1   Hungary        
  29004   TV   Minimax CZE&SLK   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)   Czech   FTA          
  28517   TV   Minimax Hun/Cherry Music   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)   Czech   SECA/Mediaguard 1   Hungary        
  20188   TV   Minimax Hun/m+   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)   Slovak, Czech   SECA/Mediaguard 1          
  24073   TV   Minimax Rom/Cherry Music   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)     SECA/Mediaguard 1          
  20186   TV   Minimax Romania   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)   Bulgarian   SECA/Mediaguard 1          
  25781   TV   Musicmax Hun   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)     FTA          
  31546   Radio   Oldies Radio tesztadas   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)   English            
  20191   TV   Pax TV   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)   English   SECA/Mediaguard 1          
  20192   TV   Telemedia 2   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)     FTA          
  28374   TV   Telemedia 3   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)     FTA          
  38209   TV   Telemedia 4   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)     FTA          
  20189   TV   hirTV   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)   Czech   SECA/Mediaguard 1          
  20193   Radio   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)     FTA          
  30636   TV   test channel   4.0W   Telespazio (Amos)     FTA          

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11260   H   +   3/4   27500   Amos 1   Telemedia 3, Minimax CZE&SLK, Cherry Music (24), Cherry Music/a+, Oldies Radio tesztadas, Musicmax Hun,, Telemedia 2, Telemedia 4, Minimax Rom/Cherry Music, Pax TV, Minimax Hun/m+, hirTV, Filmmuzeum, Minimax Hun/Cherry Music, test channel, Minimax Romania  
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