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Package NSAB (5.0E)

If you are choosing a package, look at this package channel list. If you are tuning your receiver, look at the transponder list.

Channels: 20SearchChannel list
  18966     -   5.0E   NSAB     Conax          
  18351   TV   24   5.0E   NSAB     Conax          
  26346   TV   ATG EU BSS   5.0E   NSAB     FTA          
  19498     Affärs TV data   5.0E   NSAB     Conax          
  18971   TV   Affärstv   5.0E   NSAB     FTA          
  26349   TV   DTS-test   5.0E   NSAB   Swedish   FTA          
  26448   TV   Moscow Open World   5.0E   NSAB   Russian   FTA          
  16932   TV   NTV   5.0E   NSAB     Viaccess 1, Videoguard   Russia     This is russian national TV channel HTB (NTV) in digital. Latest news, shows, and movies.    
  17563   TV   ORT-international   5.0E   NSAB   Russian   Viaccess 1, Videoguard   Russia        
  26530     Pace Europa   5.0E   NSAB              
  17566   Radio   Radio Sweden   5.0E   NSAB              
  28569   Radio   Radio Sweden 2   5.0E   NSAB              
  16751   TV   SVT Europa   5.0E   NSAB     Viaccess 1          
  18349   TV   SVT1   5.0E   NSAB     Conax          
  18350   TV   SVT2   5.0E   NSAB     Conax          
  18969   TV   SVT2 med ABC nytt   5.0E   NSAB     Conax          
  18970   TV   SVT2 med Smålandsnytt   5.0E   NSAB     Conax          
  27762   TV   Sirius Channel   5.0E   NSAB              
  18356   TV   Sirius channel   5.0E   NSAB     FTA          
  16935   TV   Viasat3   5.0E   NSAB     Viaccess 1, Videoguard          

Click on Frequency to see detailed channel list and transponder coverage map, or choose a channel
12245   V   +   7/8   27500   Sirius 2   SVT2 med ABC nytt, DTS-test, Affärs TV data, -, SVT2 med Smålandsnytt, 24, Affärstv, SVT1, SVT2, Sirius channel  
12380   H   +   3/4   27500   Sirius 2   ATG EU BSS, Radio Sweden 2, SVT Europa, Moscow Open World, Radio Sweden, Pace Europa, Viasat3, ORT-international, NTV  
12437   V   -     0   Sirius 2   Sirius Channel  
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