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Package GlobeCast (8W) (8.0W)

If you are choosing a package, look at this package channel list. If you are tuning your receiver, look at the transponder list.

Channels: 20SearchChannel list
  24398     01 04 12 01   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)     Viaccess 1, FTA          
  24422   Data   ACCES IP   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)           Internet via satellite    
  24427   Radio   BuffaloGrill   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)     Viaccess 1, FTA          
  24428   Radio   CAPYTOL   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)     Viaccess 1, FTA          
  25660   Data   DASSAULT   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)              
  24417   Data   Edusat   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)              
  26511   Radio   Expé-Radio   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)     Viaccess 1          
  24414   Radio   France Bleu Banque   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)              
  24415   Radio   France Info   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)              
  26276   Data   Free Serve   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)              
  24408   TV   GCPE1   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)   English, French, German   FTA          
  24410   TV   GCPE2   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)   English, French, German   FTA          
  27585   TV   POLONIA 1   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)   Polish   FTA          
  24426   Radio   Prod. 31 GIFI   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)     Viaccess 1, FTA          
  24425   Data   RF Multicast   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)     Viaccess 1          
  27586   Radio   RF contribution   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)     Viaccess 1          
  24423   Data   RF unicast   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)              
  24429   Radio   Radio Storm   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)     Viaccess 1          
  24413   TV   SERTE TEST   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)     FTA          
  24430     T NOKIA   8.0W   GlobeCast (8W)     Viaccess 1          

Click on Frequency to see detailed channel list and transponder coverage map, or choose a channel
11598   H   +   3/4   27500   Telecom 2D   POLONIA 1, Edusat, 01 04 12 01, ACCES IP, SERTE TEST, DASSAULT, GCPE1, France Bleu Banque, Free Serve, Prod. 31 GIFI, CAPYTOL, Expé-Radio, GCPE2, BuffaloGrill, RF Multicast, Radio Storm, France Info, RF contribution, RF unicast, T NOKIA  
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